Chief Charlie Boyte's report for July 2013

Michael Boyle

As I write this on June 17 we have just returned from a brush fire. The fire was started by a human, most likely a smoker. Fortunately the fire was located in an area where we could get our pumpers relatively close and we were able to contain and extinguish the fire in a couple of hours. This fire brings the total of emergency calls answered to date to 72.

By the time this article is printed the "NO FIRES ANYWHERE" signs will have been posted. Our bylaw does not allow any outdoor burning in July, August and September. There are ticketing provisions in the bylaw that allow fines to be levied for contraventions. The fines are substantial, but much worse than any fine would be the awful realization that you had started a wildfire in our community. Please be extremely careful during this high risk period and report any fire or smoke sighting immediately by calling 911.

Early detection and reporting are critical to prevent wildfires. As the Islands dry out and fire risk increases there will also be restrictions on high risk and spark producing activities. Please visit our regulations page to find out what restrictions apply.

We will be out at the Farmers Market and other venues again this year to share our fire prevention messages with the visiting and part time residents. We will also be at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal on Fridays again this year thanks to a grant provided through the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Working Group and the CRD SGI Emergency Program Advisory Commission. Many thanks also to Director Dave Howe for his unwavering support of this highly effective Wildfire Prevention program. Deputy Chief Mike Dine will again lead our SGI prevention teams in their efforts to prevent wildfires this summer.

Deputy Chief Dine has done a spectacular job organizing and presenting all our fire prevention programs. In 2011 he was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s award for public safety and dubbed a “Safety Super Hero”. This year he was awarded the “BC Fire Training Officer of the Year” award by the BC Fire Training Officers Association. We are very proud to see his efforts recognized at the provincial level and are very lucky to have his talents and skills to driving our exceptional programs forward.

Under the tutelage of DC Dine we have built a sustainable first class training program that is the envy of departments across the province. Certainly our officers and trainers should be congratulated also. Their exceptional efforts make our training programs successful are nothing short of inspirational. It is a great team and we are very lucky to have this level of commitment to train the responders serving our community.

All you folks with summer cottages please remember it is the law to have a working smoke alarm on every floor of any building that houses sleeping accommodations. Please remember to check the batteries and test them when you open up your cabins. Also, please ensure your emergency number is clearly posted at the driveway entrance so we can find you if a medical or fire emergency should arise.

We have smoke detectors…. If you know of anyone that does not have a working smoke alarm we can solve that problem right away. If you visit a shut in or elderly person take a minute and check their smoke alarm for them. If it doesn’t work call us at 250-629-3321 and we will install one for them within 24 hours. Smoke alarms save lives. Please do not let them go to sleep without a working smoke alarm.

Until next month ... stay safe and have a wonderful summer in our Island paradise.

Fire Chief Charlie Boyte

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Burning is permitted
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