Chief Charlie Boyte's report for October 2010

Michael Boyle

SUCCESS ... is the only word to describe all our fire prevention efforts as we close the books on another wild fire season on the Southern Gulf Islands.

I am pleased to report that there was not one single human-caused wild fire on the southern islands this summer. Many areas of the province were not nearly so fortunate. This enviable track record is due in large part to the awareness, caution and diligence exercised by gulf island residents and visitors over the hot, dry summer months.

And, once again this year the job of ensuring that public and property safety was top of mind fell to Deputy Fire Chief Mike Dine and his crew of volunteers who took the fire department's wild fire prevention message to the travelling public every Friday at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

Celebrating our success does not mean we can let down our guard or ignore regulations designed to keep us and our property safe from fires. Under our Capital Regional District Fire Protection Bylaw outdoor burning is not allowed from July to the end of September and permits are required for October.

If the wet weather continues we will start issuing permits again on October 1. Permits will be available at Fire Hall #1 or on line here on the web site. Valid incinerator permits may be used after October 1 when the "No Fires Anywhere" signs are removed.

After October 31 and until March 31 you may burn outdoors without a permit providing you do so in accordance with the bylaw. Permits will be required again for outdoor burning in April and May. You must follow the regulations stated in the bylaw whether a permit is required or not so please check the regulations before lighting fires. It can be dangerous and expensive if you do not!

Forest Fire Threat Level

Burning is permitted
No permit is required
Regulations apply


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