Chief Charlie Boyte's report for January 2013

Michael Boyle

As we move into our 41st year of volunteer service to the community I find myself thinking about the exceptional levels of security and safety we enjoy in this community thanks to hard work and vision of many wonderful community volunteers.

A number of those volunteers established this organization back in 1972. Families like the Allans, Grimmers, Auctherlonies, Keatings, Geisters and many others that slip my mind had a vision to ensure the Penders would be protected from the ravages of fire.

That vision has evolved as the community has changed to ensure “someone will come who knows what to do whenever you call 911.” Our volunteers now respond to a broad variety of emergency incidents that affect our safety, lifestyles and environment. Our members truly are “Volunteers Serving Community.”

As of Dec. 15 our volunteers have answered 207 calls for assistance in 2012. The bulk of those calls fall into the following six broad categories: Structure Fires (including vehicles, alarm bells, fuel spills. gas leaks) totalled 26 or 12.5 per cent of the total; forest fuel related calls (includes fires, burn complaints, illegal activity/burning) totalled 49 or 23.5 per cent; miscellaneous incidents (including Search and Rescue, RCMP assists and public assists) totalled 15 or 7.2 per cent; BC Hydro line incidents totalled 20 or 9.6 per cent; motor vehicle accidents totalled 11 or 5.3 per cent and medical first responses (including BCAS assistance when BCAS is short staffed) totalled 86 calls or 41.5 per cent.

It is clear from these figures that our new generation of community volunteers are committed and dedicated to community safety and security. The truly exceptional thing is that they are committed in other ways. In 2012 the volunteers supported more than 15 community events. Notably in December our food bank drive netted $1455 in donations and a truck full of food for those in need.

There is a lot of work to do. Our young fit firefighters are dwindling as the island demographics are changing. It will take a renewed commitment from our young families on the islands to maintain the levels of service we enjoy. That means some sacrifices must be made. I would expect if you asked any one of our current volunteers they will tell you those sacrifices come with great rewards that can only be realized through selfless service, mentorship of our youth and care for community. Safe communities don’t just happen folks … they are created. If you can help please give us a call at 250-629-3321

That is what it is all about folks. It is such a great honour to be able to lead our volunteers in their quest to make our community safe and secure. Please join me in wishing all our volunteers at PIFR safety, happiness and prosperity in 2013.

On behalf of the Deputy Chief Mike Dine, Captain Adrian Hanson, Debbie French our administrator and all the volunteers at PIFR… best wishes to all of you for a safe and spectacular 2013!

Fire Chief Charlie Boyte

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