Chief Charlie Boyte's report for February 2010

Michael Boyle

During the wind storm in January several Pender residents played a deadly game of chance with downed power lines. Some people even removed the fire department’s warning cones so that they could drive over fallen BC Hydro lines.

This disregard for safety can have deadly consequences. Just because a Hydro line is down does not mean it is dead. Downed lines can still be energized and they can radiate electrical energy many metres through the ground.

Rubber tires are no guarantee that a vehicle will be insulated from a downed line. Steel-belted radials can transmit electricity to the frame of a vehicle and power lines can snag on the under carriage.

Please ... we are very concerned about your safety. Never approach a downed line; stay back at least 10 metres; and assume that the line and anything it touches is energized.

Now for some good news that has us all energized ... no doubt it has come as a bit of a surprise to find yourself on a brand new inter-active PIFR website made possible by the efforts of our newest specialist volunteer Sergei Petrov!

In 2006, we placed a high priority on the development of a first ever PIFR website. Brian Kieran, a new communications volunteer at the time, helped with the project and became a reality.

Brian, who is now our Public Information Officer, says: “It became clear last year that we had reached the developmental limits of the original site. It needed to be more interactive with end users. We needed to go to the next level, to upgrade the site so that we could respond to an increasingly sophisticated set of demands.”

Getting to that next level became a reality when Sergei, a Pender-based professional website designer, joined the PIFR team.

One of the great features of Sergei’s new site will be its interactive capacity to allow residents and property owners to obtain burning permits online. This feature will be particularly convenient for off-island property owners who can go online and apply for, pay for and obtain a permit before they come over for a weekend of yard work.

The new site will also feature more critical information access on the home page, easier site navigation, more useful links, a new section of frequently asked questions, more photos and more information about fire season threat levels and burning restrictions.

Our thanks go out to Sergei for devoting countless hours over the past three months developing a new site that is truly leading edge.

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