Chief Charlie Boyte's report for February 2017

Michael Boyle

While the political climate in recent months leaves most of us a little unsure of what the future might hold, one thing remains steadfast: When you call 911 for help on the Penders, someone will come that knows what to do to help you through that emergency. That is level of security we enjoy thanks to our PIFR volunteer firefighters and community first responders.

PIFR was kept busy meeting its commitment to you last year with a total of 285 calls attended by year end. Our volunteers delivered amazing care to this community and you returned that care with your generosity and amazing support for our training facility project.

Phase Two of that project is now substantially complete and we are continuing our work to seek funding for the Live Fire Building. (Phase III). That search has included significant effort over the past three years to find alternate sources of funding including applications for all types of private and government grants. It has been a long haul, but worth every minute spent and certainly no one could ever say we did not do everything in our power to limit the costs to the community. The Pender Island Fire Protection Society finance committee is continuing its efforts to identify the best funding source so the project can be completed at the earliest opportunity.

Smoke alarms save lives. Those of you who read Issy’s article last month in the Post will understand how smoke alarms save lives. It is easy to let those alarms get out of date. I check my smoke alarms at home regularly, but only recently took them off the ceiling to checked the date – (OK - I admit it – I had some prodding from Grandma). Much to my dismay, she was right once again, and I found that the alarms I thought I changed a couple of years ago were made in 2006. Needless to say once I got the egg off my face they were replaced in a few hours.

So folks, if you do not see a date stamp on the outside of your smoke alarms that is current, or if you are not sure the alarms are less than 10 years old, don’t rely on your memory; have them replaced. Only then can you can be confident they will work when needed.

Street address markers are your lifeline to emergency personnel including police, fire and ambulance. If we can’t find your address we can’t get there to help. Please make sure your address is clearly marked and easy to see from both directions day and night. It could save your life!

Until next month... stay safe.

Experienced Volunteer Arborist Needed: The historic orchard located at Fire Hall # 1 is in need of pruning by an experienced arborist. If you have some extra time and would like to volunteer to nurture the old orchard, please contact us at 250-629-3321.


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