Chief Charlie Boyte's report for March 2015

Michael Boyle

PIFR responded to 15 emergency calls as of Feb. 19th. This compares to 20 over the same period in 2014. The reduced call volume is largely the result of the mild weather from January to date so that is good news.

Living in this moderate climate it is hard to believe that 40 houses could be lost to a wildfire in February in California and snow storms in the eastern half of the country are collapsing roofs. Our mild weather has been wonderful but will likely have some consequences such as increased accumulations of wildfire ground fuel and early drying this spring. We will be monitoring conditions closely as we approach fire season to address potential hazards.

Cadet Camp: Spring break is almost upon us and Deputy Chief Mike Dine is busy with the final preparations for the 2015 Southern Gulf Islands Fire/Rescue Cadet Camp March 23 to 28. Again this year a group of PIFR and SGI volunteers and career firefighters will take a week from their busy lives to sleep, eat and train with the 20 cadets registered.

Kelly Dine has stepped up to the plate again this year to manage the tremendous task of keeping all those cadets and trainers well fed. This is a huge commitment and we are very happy to have her culinary talents available to us. The cadets will attend a day of pre-training and team building March 7. March 28th is parents’ day and the public is encouraged to come and see the cadets demonstrate newly acquired skills. The demonstrations are from 10 a.m. until noon.

As in years passed some dignitaries will attend the awards ceremony. I will not to spoil the surprise but the camp has generated some interest at the provincial and federal levels. Clearly the program opens opportunities for our youths to sustain safety and security in our communities and that is not lost in the movers and shakers in government.

Training Ground: Work is complete to ensure a solid foundation is maintained under the water capture basin. Quotations have been requested for the foundation work that will be under way soon. Following that work drainage and gas lines will be installed along with concrete pads for the burn props. The volunteers are very excited to see the project take shape so our sincere thanks go out to all of you who have supported the project.

We may have several dump truck loads of clean fill material that has to be removed. If you need fill let us know at Trucking costs will be your responsibility but the fill is free.

We are already recruiting for firefighters to begin training in January 2016. This is an excellent opportunity to do some forward planning to keep in shape, have some fun and look after your families and neighbours. We are asking you to redeploy some of your time and join next year’s class. Here is what we ask you to plan for: You trade six months of your regular Saturday activities (January through June next year) to study, learn and challenge yourself physically. Then we give you a pager so you can help as your time permits. Over the next year and a half we offer you the opportunity to serve your community and earn an accredited certificate to the internationally recognized NFPA 1001 firefighter standard or pursue a training stream that suits your interests.

Contact Deputy Fire Chief Mike Dine if you are thinking about joining the team. Our ability to sustaining local fire and emergency response services depends on community participation. Please feel free stop by Hall #1, 4423 Bedwell Harbour Road anytime to learn more. You can call us at 250-629-3321, or click on the "HELPING PIFR" icon on the left side of PIFR’s home page.

Until next month stay safe and remember to test your smoke alarms regularly. Pushing that little button can save lives.

Fire Chief Charlie Boyte

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