Chief Charlie Boyte's report for April 2016

Michael Boyle

As of March 18 our volunteers had responded to 29 emergency pages so far in 2016, compared to 25 last year. It is shaping up to be busier than 2015 when we answered a 12 month total of 245 emergency calls.

Our core group has been carrying a heavy load so we look forward to the graduation of our new recruit class in May. The addition of seven new pager carrying members will help spread the work load. However, we still need to get our volunteer roster to full strength. We remain 10 short of optimal levels so if you are interested in helping please call.

The work is exciting and challenging and we can find a good fit for anyone willing to contribute. If you are fit and caring and would like to serve your community, please give Deputy Chief Mike Dine a call at 250-537-0101 and set up an appointment.

Outdoor burning permits are required as of April 1st. They can be obtained online at this website or at Fire Hall 1. Our effective web-based permitting is easily accessible for permanent and part time residents. It allows us to track the validity of permits from our computers and cell phones.

Please follow the conditions stated on your permit. Often complaints resulting in fines are the result of unattended fire and fires built too close to buildings, trees or brush. Ensure a competent person supervises the fire at all times and that you have adequate equipment to keep the fire under control. Remember, you are liable for any damage caused by a fire you light.

Also, please be considerate of neighbors and extinguish your fire if the smoke is impacting them. Typical causes of heavy smoke are burning green debris and leaves which can be harmful to someone with respiratory problems. Never burn recyclables, tires, plastic, drywall, paint or paint products, treated lumber, asphalt products, rubber, fuel, lubricant or containers, tar paper, or manure. It is against the law and very harmful.

The wet spring will result in a proliferation of wildfire fuels (underbrush and grass). Long range forecasts point to a hot, dry summer and when these fuels start to dry out they will allow fires to start and spread quickly. Keep an eye on our website for information on changing fire conditions. Through the dry months be extremely careful and check the upper left hand panel of our website where the fire rating is posted with notifications if permits are cancelled or restricted.

If you did not change the batteries in your smoke detectors with the spring time change please do that now. Those opening summer homes and cabins must remember that it is the law to have working smoke alarms in every building with sleeping accommodations. Smoke alarms must be located on each floor where someone may sleep. Smoke alarms are the cheapest form of life insurance so please install them where required and test them regularly. A quick push on that little test button might save your life.

Until next month stay safe out there folks!

Fire Chief Charlie Boyte


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