Chief Charlie Boyte's report for May 2011

Michael Boyle

In 2010, your dedicated volunteer fire fighters responded to 199 emergencies.

Chronicling our busy year, I recently presented PIFR’s annual report to the Fire Protection Society AGM and I was very pleased to report that each and every emergency call was answered professionally. I also hope readers of this report will appreciate that our volunteers continue to strive for excellence as they deliver fire and rescue services with concern, care and compassion. Our volunteers and staff are an exceptional group and I am proud to lead them into 2011.

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) surveys, volunteer fire departments can rely on 50 per cent of their membership being available to respond to an emergency. It is hard to appreciate the significance of this statistic, but I will try to give you some perspective. On the Penders, our 47 pager-carrying first responders commit to be on call and ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the NFPA statistics that means our members commit to: 24hrs X 365 days x 47 members x 50 per cent on-call time. That adds up to 205,860 volunteer on-call hours from you volunteer responders each year!

That is the true weight our pager-carrying volunteers bear in their effort to look after us, our families and our property. In recognition of this enormous volunteer contribution, the Pender Island Fire Protection Society sponsors an Awards Banquet each year.

Although it is not possible to recognize all the awards in this article, there were some notable awards for this year: Fifteen-year service awards were presented to Captain Mike van Bakel and Captain Jason Atkinson. A 10-year service award went to Pat Kordyback. Greg Hankins received the Chief’s Award for exemplary service. Sandy Johnson received the Responder of the Year Award from his peers. Congratulations go out to all this year’s recipients with huge thanks for their dedication and caring service.

For the past three years Poets Cove Resort and Spa has generously sponsored – and subsidized – our annual celebration. The resort has provided wonderful ambiance and a great meal for our volunteers. Thanks Bea for your extra effort to make the night special. The toy fire engines and red placemats were a great touch! The Poets Cove staff did a magnificent job and the volunteers really appreciated their hard work and extra effort to make the night exceptional.

Going ahead in 2011 it is important to remember that many hands make for light work. We could use a few more hands.

We need:

Structural Fire Fighters – This function requires a substantial commitment of time. It is both challenging and rewarding. If you are fit, male or female, and up for a challenge please contact us.

Culinary Members – These volunteers are required to prepare meals for more than 50 training events per year. There are currently six culinary working groups and there is always room for more. If you can cook, you can help.

Truck Checkers – The volunteers are responsible for checking the mechanical safety of our nine fire-fighting vehicles as well as the emergency equipment on each unit. The truck checkers also do a full equipment inventory inspection each month. If you like shiny red trucks, have four hours a week to spare and would like to help your community this might be for you.

Help us help you. Please contact us if you are interested in helping Pender Island Fire Rescue and pass this information on to someone you know who may be interested.

Contact: Deputy Chief Mike Dine 250-537-0101 or

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