Chief Charlie Boyte's report for May 2014

Michael Boyle

Our annual awards banquet was held at Poets Cove Resort and Spa again this year. This stunning venue makes the evening memorable for all and would not be affordable without the resort’s exceptional support for our community fire service. Our sincerest thanks go out to the management, owners and staff at Poets Cove for sponsoring this important event for the past seven years.

The annual Awards Banquet recognizes the significant contribution of our pager carrying members. These include our volunteer firefighters, first responders and communications people. Our pager carrying members contribute at least 4,380 hours of “on call time” annually and I know for a fact that many contribute much more.

It is a great honour to recognize their commitment each year. Again this year some of our people reached exceptional service milestones. Our sincere congratulations to all the recipients including:

Adrian Hanson – 25 year Long Service Medal.

British Columbia Long Service Medals are awarded by the Provincial Government to persons who have completed at least 25 years of paid or volunteer fire service. This award recognizes the dedication and selflessness with which these individuals have served their community and this province in the protection of life and property.

Rob Southey – Governor General’s Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal.

Canada’s Exemplary Service Medals recognize the men and women dedicated to preserving Canada’s public safety through long and outstanding service. The medal was created on August 29, 1985 and honours members of a recognized Canadian fire service who have completed 20 years of service, 10 years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks.

Deputy Chief Michael Dine – 15 year service bar.

Deputy Chief Dine brought his exceptional management skills and talents to the department back in 1998 and has certainly accomplished all this department has asked of him and much more. Mike has demonstrated leadership, passion and dedication in service to the Penders.

Several members reached the seven years of service milestone this year: Paul Hutcheson, Stewart Scholefield, and Alaia Hamer. Five year awards were presented to: Jasmine Dine, Julie Grey, Craig Barber, Richard Peterson and Morgan Dudley. Three year awards were presented to: Jon Grelik, Pat Haugh, Anna Herlitz, Michael Doyle and Paul Sledzinski. One year awards went to Mack Dine, Kelly Morgan and Fin Sterling.

Awards were also presented in recognition of exceptional efforts in keeping the community safe. The fire fit challenge is a measure of our responders’ fitness levels and is used to keep our members safe from preventable medical emergencies. Fit firefighters ensure you are served to the highest levels and definitely achieving high levels of fitness can be very competitive. This year fire fit awards went to: Jasmine Dine, Braedon Bigham, and Paul Sledzinski for the best time in their respective catagories.

This year we had a tie for the Chief’s Award recognizing the greatest overall contribution, training and special events. The award went to John Grelic and Paul Hutcheson for contributions of 402.75 hours each in these categories. Paul Hutcheson won the Community Service Award with more than 235 hours of time dedicated to this category.

Jason Atkinson was presented the Responder of the Year Award. This award is presented for demonstrating excellence in attitude, mentorship, compassion, knowledge, and his commitment to encourage our members to be the best they can be.

Finally, you have likely noticed the fire signs around the island stating “Permits Are Required.” Current information on wildfire risk and burning regulations is posted on this website and is updated as the fire season progresses.

Please remember that it is the law to have working smoke alarms in all buildings with sleeping accommodations. This law is designed to keep you and your loved ones alive and safe so please check your alarms regularly to ensure they can do that job for you.

Until next month, stay safe and be careful out there folks.

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