Chief Charlie Boyte's report for May 2016

Michael Boyle

Last month I failed to report on the Pender Islands Fire Protection Society (PIFPS) AGM March 19. The Board of Directors did a stellar job overseeing PIFR on your behalf last year. That means PIFR is well equipped, the books are in good shape and PIFR is compliant with changing legislation and regulations.

These changes affect the delivery of fire and rescue services across the province and include a revised provincial training standard and requirement to declare a level of service. Many small communities are struggling to meet these standards and keep their fire station doors open.

We are fully compliant with the new standards and able to deliver the highest level of service to our community (“Full Service Operations”). During the AGM I also reported on our key focus areas for 2015: Service delivery, personnel, training facility improvements, water supplies and the Magic Lake emergency evacuation route.

Service delivery

At PIFR we believe our community deserves first rate fire and emergency services. First rate means meeting our core objectives and consistently providing the right levels and range of services as defined by you through your PIFPS. Last year we answered 245 emergency calls. Our responders demonstrated excellence in service delivery at each of those incidents.

Training facility

Phase two is substantially complete. The final items to complete are fencing and propane burners for the training props. The catchment area and collection system is working great. We caught more than 30,000 imperial gallons of rain water from the paved areas and roof over just three days in March. Next step is a live fire training building. We are working to establish a funding mechanism and hope to get started soon.


We have 11 officers and 22 members on the roster including Communications Operators, Engineers and First Responders. That is 11 short of a full roster. In 2015, this group contributed 16,431 hours in service to the community. Fortunately there are 52 support crew members helping share the load. Our goal is to maintain a compliment of 36 responding volunteers and 12 officers. Maintaining that level means recruiting six members each year.

Water supplies for firefighting

Water supplies for firefighting have the largest single impact on insurance rates and are the most challenging to facilitate. We are continuing to develop sources such as ponds and lakes and we are working with community groups and the CRD on improvements. The water supply for Hall 1 is complete with 50,000 imperial gallons of water storage and two hydrants.

Magic Lake emergency evacuation route

Director Howe, and the CRD hope to work with Parks and Recreation and the Province to keep this project moving ahead. This exit is identified as a priority to limit wildfire risk to people.

Wildfire season is here

Be extremely careful with any outdoor burning, watch closely for changes in the fire hazard and be extremely careful with any ignition sources in and around forested areas. Please follow the prompts at for information and ways to keep your family safe.


Fire Chief Charlie Boyte

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Burning is permitted
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