Chief Charlie Boyte's report for September 2015

Michael Boyle

Hi Folks. We have been busy. As of the 18th of August we have attended 150 calls, a six per cent increase over the same period in 2014 and more than 20 per cent over 2013. We have a broad range of volunteers that assist PIFR. Without their support it would be impossible to do our work. On behalf of the PIFPS Board and the community thank you all so much for all you do!

To recognize the commitment of our volunteers who carry pagers and are on call 24/7 we hold an awards ceremony annually. This year the ceremony was held at the Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards. Our sincerest thanks go out to the management, owners and staff at Sea Star for sponsoring this important event.

Some exceptional benchmarks in community service were reached by our volunteers. Captain Jason Atkinson was presented the Governor General’s Medal for 20 years of Exemplary Fire Service to Canada and the Community of Pender Island. I had the honour of presenting the medal. Please join us in thanking Jason for his tremendous contribution. The commitment our volunteers have made constantly amazes me. Our ranks now include two people that have reached this 20 year milestone in community service, two that have reached 25 years and we will have one more to add in each of these milestone categories next year. Brigitte Procheska reached the 15 year milestone. Several members reached the seven year milestone this year: Lt. Braedon Bigham, Jasmine Dine, Lt. Greg Hankins, Glenn Henderson, Lt. Sandy Johnson, Richard Lamy, Lt. Val Smith, Cecilia Suh. Alan Powelson reached the five year milestone. One year service awards were presented to Scott Elliott, Blair Higgs, Greg Lucas, Shannon McConchie, Curtis Menzies and Daisy teHennepe. Fitness challenge winners were: Shannon McChonchie, Lt. Braedon Bigham and Richard Lamy. Jon Grelik received the Chief’s Award for the Greatest Overall Contribution to PIFR by a responding member. Lt. Braedon Bigham was awarded Firefighter of the Year by his peers. Sandy Johnson won the Community Service and Special Projects award for exceptional effort and dedication in those categories.

We need some new people to supplement our firefighter ranks. Attrition has taken a few from us this year and we need to lighten the load on the ones that remain. The role of firefighter is challenging but if you have the gumption we can teach you. We will show you how you can contribute to safety and security in our community. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to plan in advance and join next year’s class. Here is the challenge: You trade six months of your regular Saturday activities (January through June next year) to study, learn and challenge yourself physically. Then we give you a pager so you can help as your time permits. Over the next year and a half we offer you the opportunity to serve your community and earn an accredited certificate to the internationally recognized NFPA 1001 firefighter standard or pursue a training stream that suits your interests.

Our goal is to stay ahead of the burnout curve. If you are industrious, caring, and physically fit, we would like you to consider the opportunity to re-deploy some of your time. In exchange for that commitment, we offer a wonderful opportunity to partner with some great people to help keep your families and friends safe. Training starts in January 2016. If you are up to the challenge call us at 250-629-3321, stop by Hall #1, 4423 Bedwell Harbour Road, or click on the "HELPING PIFR" icon on the left side of this website’s home page.

As ever, our fire prevention teams at the ferry terminal and farmers markets have done an amazing job educating the traveling public and visitors this year. Deputy Chief Mike Dine, the program manager, has once again demonstrated his commitment to fire prevention. Special thanks go to all the volunteers that spent long hours on that hot pavement at BC Ferries to keep us all safe.

As the weather stays hot and dry we are asking for your continued vigilance in reporting all smoke or fires immediately through the 911 system.

Fire Chief Charlie Boyte

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