Chief Charlie Boyte's report for November 2009

Michael Boyle

At PIFR recruitment and training of volunteers is the responsibility of Deputy Chief Mike Dine. It is a daunting task to provide training for a broad range of emergency services in the current economic conditions. Support from both the Provincial and Federal levels has been dwindling leaving communities to fend for themselves.

Thanks to Deputy Chief Dine’s foresight and determination we have an enthusiastic team of more than 80 volunteers ... that’s 60 more than we had five years ago. These men and women come from all walks of life. The support services most of them provide are wide-ranging and vital, including: truck maintenance and driving, radio operations, inventory control, food prep, community communications, medical responders, rope rescuers and hazmat specialists.

The most demanding training regime by far is for the job category of Fire Fighter. The commitment and the level of physical fitness required adds to the challenge of finding volunteers for this category. Regardless, we know there are some people in this community who can help us over this hurdle.

Deputy Chief Dine’s challenge this fall is recruiting four to six new volunteer fire fighters who will begin training in January. These recruits, regardless of their age or gender, will be community minded, physically fit and prepared to embark on a training regime that is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.

Fire fighter training encompasses such categories as: structural fires, vehicle fires, vehicle extrication, wild fires, hazardous materials, searches and rope rescues. Their training is certified and meets the highest provincial and national standards.

This job is not for everyone. Our fire fighters work hard, give lots and often risk their lives for others. But there is nothing more rewarding than protecting the community we love. If you are up to the challenge we will provide the training necessary to make you successful. All we ask is your commitment. If you believe you have what it takes or if you know someone that wants to serve the community as a fire fighter please contact Deputy Chief Dine directly at 250-537-0101.

This month, I’d like to pass on a few wood burning/fireplace reminders.

Enjoy the warmth of your wood heat and stay safe.

Forest Fire Threat Level

Burning is permitted
No permit is required
Regulations apply

PIFR Members Only

For any Emergency:

call 911


250 629-3321


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