Chief Charlie Boyte's report for November 2013

Michael Boyle

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Dine wants you!

Deputy Chief Dine is still looking for three or four new fire fighters to start training in January. If you are fit, motivated, honest and caring we will teach you all you need to know to become a valued and proficient member of our great team. We know there are still some people out there that can help who may not realize how challenging and fun it is to do the training. We have trained males and females from 18 to 60 years old so don’t think for a moment that you can’t do the work.

If you are fit and willing to invest time in the welfare of your community we promise to work diligently to ensure your success. If you are up to the challenge or know someone who is, please call Deputy Chief Dine at 250-629-3321 to find out more today.

Burning season is in full swing folks and we are already fielding complaints about smoke. The provincial government is proposing much stricter smoke control regulations and there is a good contingent of our residents who are likely thinking “it’s about time.”

I will keep you advised as more information becomes available. Largely the complaints come from the more densely populated areas and often are the result of a lack of consideration for neighbours. Residents with breathing and lung health issues can face serious risk from smoky fires. Please check with the neighbours before lighting up; watch the wind direction; and, if you live in the more densely populated areas, burn only when the venting index is good.

By the time this article is published permits will not be required for outdoor burning with the exception of large “Class A” fires that require a permit year round. Class A includes fires more than two meters in diameter and one meter in height and fires that are machine piled.

Please remember to review the regulations set out in the CRD bylaw when burning to ensure your safety and avoid fines for illegal fires. The regulations are available here on the website

Here are some tips that will keep you out of trouble with the neighbours and the bylaw enforcement officers when burning outdoors: 

Until next month ...stay safe

Forest Fire Threat Level

Burning is permitted
No permit is required
Regulations apply


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