Chief Charlie Boyte's report for November 2014

Michael Boyle

PIFR would like to express our sincerest of thanks to all the members of our amazing community for your ongoing support and generosity in giving to the training ground project. Thanks to the Conconi Foundation and NU to Yu that so generously supported this project with $110,000 and $25,000 respectively. More than $210,000 was raised to complete Phase 2 of the project.

Our work on this project is timely. The provincial government has implemented new minimum training standards for firefighters. These new standards will dictate the level of service that can be delivered in any given community in accordance with the levels of training the fire department has achieved. The training standard is designed to keep firefighters safe and limit community liability by ensuring compliance with legislated worker protection regulations. The standard sets three levels of service that can be delivered by BC fire departments based on firefighter training. These are: Exterior firefighting only, interior firefighting and full service fire departments. I am proud to report that PIFR has attained the levels of training required to deliver full service protection to our Pender residents. The improved training facilities are designed to maintain that rating and insure our residents receive quality comprehensive services now and in the future.

PIFR attended 182 incidents as of mid-October compared to 164 in the same period in 2013, an increase of about 11 per cent. As the types, numbers and complexity of incidents increases the new training facility will allow us to address training challenges.

There is a misconception about Fire and Rescue staffing in communities that lie outside urban areas. Someone from the city might assume all firefighters are paid employees staffing the fire halls 24/7. That would be nice but it is simply not possible without a huge and unacceptable burden on property owners because the service is solely funded from the local tax base.

So, we do the job with volunteer professionals who have been trained to the same standards as the firefighters in Vancouver and Victoria. We train them to these standards because we believe the people we serve deserve competent service just as city folks do. After all you are our family, friends and neighbors. We believe that when you call for help someone should arrive at your door who knows exactly what to do.

The fact that our volunteers are willing to commit to this standard is exceptional, but the reality is we need new recruits to ensure a future that includes comprehensive service levels, minimal insurance costs and improved security for our community.

If you are fit, between the ages of 15 and 50, we would really like you to seriously consider taking on the firefighting challenge. If you fit in this demographic and want a secure future in our Island paradise please contact Deputy Chief Mike Dine for an interview.

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