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How can I help Pender Island Fire Rescue?

You can make a monetary donation:

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When you donate to PIFR you help to make the community safer. Donations help us improve and update equipment or facilities which in turn improve the quality of services we are able to deliver to you and your community. Every dollar helps us serve you better so your donation small or large is always gratefully accepted.

Tax deductible receipts will be issued by the Pender Island Fire Protection Society for all donations received.

Help us keep our Community Safe!

Alternatively, you can drop by and see us in person, or you could send us a cheque made to:

Pender Island Fire Rescue
PO Box 61
4423 Bedwell Harbour Road
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0

PIFR is a registered charity

... or you can Become a Volunteer

There is a huge variety of tasks and duties to accomplish at Pender Island Fire Rescue and any assistance we receive helps us provide a higher level of service to our community.

Pender Island Fire Rescue (PIFR) responds to 200 emergency calls a year, a number that may be surprising to many Pender residents. We respond to structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, motor vehicle fires, hazardous material spills, downed hydro lines and forest fires. We perform high angle rope rescue, provide search and rescue services, assist the RCMP and British Columbia Ambulance Service, and are the first response to medical emergencies. Pender Island Fire Rescue also provides non-emergency community services and organizes fifteen public events every year.

We maintain two groups of volunteers who serve the community in unique ways as per the following:

Group A - Pager Carrying Members:

  • Structural Fire Fighters

    require 136 hours of certified internationally recognized training, physical fitness requirements annually and 110 hours of skills maintenance per year.
  • Engineers

    are required to have 128 hours of certified internationally recognized training, air brake endorsement, emergency driver training and 70 hours of skills maintenance per year.
  • First Responders

    require 56 hours of certified training, emergency driver training and 50 hours of skills maintenance per year.
  • Communication Operators

    require 16 hours of certified training and 24 hours of skills maintenance per year.
  • Public Information Officers

    require 16 hours of certified training and background in media relations.

Group B - Support Crews Members:

  • Culinary Members

    prepare meals for over 50 training events per year. There are currently 6 culinary working groups and there is always room for more.
  • Truck Checkers

    consist of 8 highly skilled individuals who are responsible for checking the mechanical safety of our 9 fire-fighting apparatus and, as well, the emergency equipment that resides on each unit. The truck checkers also do a full equipment inventory inspection each month. The training is developed as a mentoring program which is dependent on past work experience. The fire department always has room for more truck checkers.
  • Grounds Keepers

    help maintain PIFR property. Currently we would like to expand this position as we only have a couple of people and a lot of work.
  • Web Site Designer/Programmer

    currently has one support member who develops and maintains PIFR website.
  • Grant Writers

    accomplish amazing things by taking advantage of federal and provincial grants available, but writing grants takes a lot of time and effort. If you have experience in this area and are willing to volunteer, please come and see us.
  • Public Educators

    teach fire safety messaging at public schools, fair grounds, ferry terminals and various public events. We have some amazing retired educators who help us with this work; the training is minimal if the individual has related background experience.
  • Painters

    The halls need to be painted every few years and anyone who has this skill would be welcome with open arms. Take on a room or an entire hall, if you are up to the challenge give us a call. A painter on the Island volunteered many hours recently and blessed us with newly painted walls on the main floor at fire hall # 1.
  • Carpenters

    Fire departments need items constructed from time to time; training props, storage shelves, units and more.
  • Cleaners

    Spring cleaners are needed in the fire halls, just like at home. If you are a closet "Mister Clean" we can help.
  • Truck Washers

    There are 9 fire trucks under our care and when the volunteers get back from a call at 3:00 am the task of washing trucks is daunting. Would you be willing to come in the following day to wash a few fire trucks? If you would let us know and we will set you up.
  • Inventory Managers

    Two of our halls maintain a food and supplies inventory. This means that each month things are counted, ordered and stock is rotated. We have a few members who are currently performing this task, but again, more hands make light work.

Help us help you...

Please contact us if you are interested in helping Pender Island Fire Rescue and/or pass this information onto someone you know who may be interested



Pender Island Fire Rescue

4423 Bedwell Harbour Road
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M1

Phone: 250-629-3321

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