"High risk activity" means each of the following when performed outdoors:
  • mechanical brushing
  • disk trenching
  • preparation or use of explosives
  • using fire or spark producing tools including cutting tools
  • using or preparing fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • grinding
  • mechanical land clearing
  • log forwarding other than by logging truck on a road
  • skidding logs
  • yarding logs using cable systems
  • using a vehicle with metal tracks
  • use of chains or studs
  • operating a power saw
  • clearing or maintaining right of ways, including grass mowing
  • rock drilling
  • tree processing including de-limbing
  • welding
  • wood chipping
  • milling
  • include debris piling
  • mechanical modification of forest debris
  • silviculture treatments as defined under section 1(1) of the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation of B.C. Reg. 14/2004
  • timber harvesting

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