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Applications should be submitted by November 15th, 2016.

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Fire/Rescue Boot Camp March 18, 2013


Fire kids excel at camp




16 of our communities’ bravest teens have stepped up “to take the heat” for our SGI Fire Rescue Cadet Camp.

The camp includes a grueling week long program for the Cadets. During the camp the participants will be exposed to the many disciplines required for modern emergency response and also learn the skills required to do that work efficiently and effectively. Activities will begin most mornings before 7 AM and it will be 11 PM before the Cadets are tucked in for the night. Deputy Chief Dine, camp coordinator, is busy with the final preparations and Captain Jamie Holmes, training officer at Salt Spring Fire Rescue, is leading the training team of more than 26 firefighters and officers from the 2 departments that have volunteered to train and mentor these aspiring community protectors. Kelly Dine has stepped up to the plate once again this year to manage the tremendous task of keeping the fuel in the fire by ensuring all those cadets and trainers are well fed each day. This is a huge commitment and we are very happy to have her culinary talents and skills available to us again this year. The Cadets attended a one day pre training session on February 2 and are excited by the prospects of the boot camp that lies ahead. There are 16 cadets registered for the camp and certainly everyone is looking forward to an exciting week, trainers and cadets alike. March 23 is parents’ day and the public is also welcome to come and see the cadets show off their newly acquired skills. The Demonstrations are from 10 am until noon on the 23RD if you would like to stop by for a peek and see what these young people have accomplished under the mentorship of our Fire/Rescue organizations.

This Camp is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. I am not exaggerating … here is what the young people that attended previous camps had to say: Jasmine Dine wrote: “If you had asked me in Grade 9 if I would ever consider becoming a firefighter I probably would have laughed. I know people are a little surprised to learn that I, the dress wearing, violin playing lady from Pender Island – am a volunteer firefighter.

“There were so many things I did during my week at cadet camp that I never imagined I could do. I have always had a hard time with small spaces but with the support of my team I made it through the obstacle course blindfolded and in full gear. Many of us were forced to face our fears and by doing so I believe we all became stronger more confident people. I realized that working as a team, learning to give respect to those with more knowledge and experience, persevering in the face of failure, working under pressure and facing my fears were skills I could apply to all aspects of my life.”

Morgan Dudley wrote: “At the end of the five and a half days the effect that the camp had on the cadets was obviously apparent. All of us were fitter and carried ourselves with the confidence that comes from having been pushed to our physical limit, only to discover that the limit was much farther away than we could have imagined.

“The more profound changes were more subtle. For some of us, the camp had reinforced a belief in ourselves and our abilities that had already existed. For others the camp had allowed them to discover that confidence for the first time. We had rappelled off buildings, been crammed into claustrophobia inducing spaces, cut apart cars with the Jaws of Life, been challenged physically and academically, worked harder with less sleep than we had ever considered possible, and been up close and personal with fire in all of its different aspects. Without exception we had all gained new insight into ourselves and our peers.

“The camp had a very positive influence on my life and I believe that the program would be extremely beneficial for any teen. The instructors did their best to teach us that service, even at personal cost, could be one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives.”

These participants continue to proudly serve their communities today. They define our hope for safety in our future and we think that future is bright. The youth of today can “take the heat.”

The Gulf Islands Fire / Rescue Youth Camp is a “firefighter boot-camp” for male and female Gulf Island’s youth between the ages of 15 and 18. The Camp focuses on basic firefighting skills, search and rescue techniques and first response medical procedures. The goal of the Camp is to introduce Gulf Island’s youth to careers as firefighters; to create an opportunity for them to observe the dedication of our fire/rescue volunteers and professionals and to introduce them to the concept and importance of community volunteerism.

Our Gulf Islands fire cadets will learn many of the skills required to protect our communities while working and living together, day and night, at the fire hall under an extremely challenging week-long schedule. The training is delivered through a cooperative effort by our local fire departments using experienced fire service trainers who volunteer their time. This opportunity to mentor young men and women to serve our communities should not be underestimated; after all, our communities’ youth represent the future of our emergency services. With your help that future can be bright.

More than 40 volunteers, firefighters and community members have committed to donate their time and energy to make the camp possible for the Cadets. The hard costs for camp delivery are approximately $1,250.00 per student and we are counting on your donation, large or small, to help with these costs. Please send your tax deductible donation to the Pender Islands Fire Protection Society at the address indicated below. You can also donate online through the link below. Please indicate on your cheque that your donation is for the Gulf Islands Fire / Rescue Youth Camp.

Thanking you in advance for your support.


Mike Dine, Deputy Chief, Cadet Camp Coordinator
Charles W. Boyte, CFO, Fire Chief



Gulf Islands Driftwood - Teamwork is the name of the game at Pender's fire boot camp

Gulf Islands Fire camp ignites youth spirit - The Forum

Fire and Life Safety by Sooke Fire/Rescue Service


During spring break when most kids are kicking back, 15 courageous young people between the ages of 15 and 18 will test their strength, resolve and tenacity at our fire department’s fourth fire/rescue camp for aspiring young fire fighters.

Pender Island Fire/Rescue’s Deputy Chief Mike Dine has been the inspiration and driving force behind the fire/rescue youth camp. The first two years it was held on Pender and last year it moved to the Otter Point Fire Department training facility. The 2011 fire/rescue camp will be back on Pender Island again and delivered in partnership with Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue.

Beyond the physical and mental challenges, the goals of the program are impressive: to help youths reach their potential and understand how they can help their communities; to maximize the strengths each young person possesses through mentorship; to help them overcome fears and face challenges head on; to build foundations based on values, ethics and selflessness; to forge the link between fitness and success; and to reinforce the power of the team to face challenges.

The candidates selected for the 2011 fire/rescue camp will experience five days of arduous training starting with self contained breathing apparatus training, fitness challenges, auto extraction, rope rescue, vehicle fire and structural fire drills. Many of the youth participants from previous camps have gone on to become volunteer fire fighters in their communities.

As in years past, the program next year will involve a broad spectrum of community volunteers in support roles. Everyone involved in these camps in the past agrees on one thing; "the impact of the fire camp on the attending youth is nothing short of inspirational".

Our goal now is to expand this program to other communities across BC. Accomplishing this will bring the challenge of obtaining financial commitment from government agencies which matches the personal commitment of the many volunteers and trainers that have made this program such a success.

Our youth have definitely shown us that they can "take the heat."

Please watch the short videos below to see how these young firefighters from our communities stepped up to the challenge.





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