How can I help Pender Island Fire Rescue?

You can make a monetary donation

When you donate to PIFR you help to make the community safer. Donations help us improve and update equipment or facilities which in turn improve the quality of services we are able to deliver to you and your community. Every dollar helps us serve you better so your donation small or large is always gratefully accepted.

Currently we are raising funds to upgrade our training facilities to better reflect the building types that our fire fighters respond to. These essential upgrades will make our facility safer, more effective, and more environmentally responsible. Improved training for our volunteers allows us to protect you better and keeps our volunteer fire fighters safe.

Why are these upgrades so important? In a volunteer fire department we ask regular community members to learn how to perform as professional fire fighters. To do this they must learn complex skills and execute them in dangerous and stressful situations. It is important to understand that the less frequently our volunteers are called upon to perform a task, the more frequently they need to practice. The simple fact is; people fail to perform competently under pressure if they do not do a task regularly.

Tax deductible receipts will be issued by the Pender Island Fire Protection Society for all donations received.

Help us keep our Community Safe!

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... or you can Become a Volunteer

There is a huge variety of tasks and duties to accomplish at Pender Island Fire Rescue and any assistance we receive helps us provide a higher level of service to our community.

Pender Island Fire Rescue (PIFR) responds to 200 emergency calls a year, a number that may be surprising to many Pender residents. We respond to structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, motor vehicle fires, hazardous material spills, downed hydro lines and forest fires. We perform high angle rope rescue, provide search and rescue services, assist the RCMP and British Columbia Ambulance Service, and are the first response to medical emergencies. Pender Island Fire Rescue also provides non-emergency community services and organizes fifteen public events every year.

In the past we depended on each volunteer to be trained and able to perform every aspect of the services that we provided in the community. As the Pender grew, PIFR expanded to meet the challenges of a higher population and the higher call volume that necessarily comes along with it. This represented a huge work load for our volunteers. The solution to this challenge was to separate the work into task specific positions and to ask for help from our community. Now the work is distributed between two main volunteer positions. These positions include many sub-groups that represent varying levels of time commitment, training, physical demands and skill maintenance requirements.

"Many hands make for light work"

Here is how it works:

All of our volunteers are subject to complete security background checks and are bound by an 'Oath of Confidentiality' and 'Code of Conduct'.

We maintain two groups of volunteers who serve the community in unique ways as per the following:

Group A - Pager Carrying Members:

Group B - Support Crews Members:

Help us help you...

Please contact us if you are interested in helping Pender Island Fire Rescue and/or pass this information onto someone you know who may be interested



Volunteer Fire Fighter Benevolent Fund Contribution

Pender Cooks

Would you like to say "thanks" to the Pender Fire Rescue volunteers? A contribution to the Pender Fire Rescue Benevolent Fund is always welcome. This fund, which receives no tax dollars, is available to give a helping hand to a volunteer fire fighter or first responder if they or their family is facing a difficult time in their own lives. The Fund receives no tax dollars and is administered by the Chief and the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Pender Cooks!, a fundraiser cookbook, is full of great recipes, photos and stories from Pender Island home and professional cooks. A highlight is recipes from the PIFR volunteer Culinary Teams who cook fabulous meals for firefighters and first responders during their training events. In addition there are over 100 favourite recipes for meals and snacks throughout the day. From "Singin' Hinnies" to "One-Lane Bridge Blackberry Bramble" you'll find a recipe and story to inspire, entertain and fulfill you and your family.

Pender Cooks

You can purchase the book at Pender Island Fire Rescue Hall #1 for $20.00 or you can order it online for $25.00 including shipping

We ship anywhere in Canda and USA


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