Pender Post Article for November 2020

Hello Pender Islands,

Calls in September and year to date: PIFR responded to 20 calls for assistance in September, bringing our year to date responses to 184.

Fire Prevention week October 4-10 was somewhat limited this year due to Covid-19, focusing our efforts to online information and a fire extinguisher clinic at Hall 1 on October 10. For those who were not able to attend the session but would like to have their extinguishers checked, please bring them by to Hall 1 during normal business hours and we would be pleased to have a look and let you know how they are.

Fire Safety in the Kitchen was the focus of this year’s prevention week and here are some tips to remember for small grease fires in the kitchen. Firstly try to avoid very high temperatures that can cause a grease fire to occur. If such a fire does occur, often simply putting a lid on the cooking container and removing it from the heat can control and extinguish the fire. Also, baking soda or baking powder can act as a smothering agent. Lastly your kitchen fire extinguisher will also stop the fire, but be careful not to discharge the extinguisher too close and risk sending the grease out of the pan. If the fire is not coming under control, call 911 immediately and get everyone out of the house.

Restart of FireSmart inspections are underway observing Covid-19 protocols. So we are pleased to make appointments to come by and help you assess your property, as well as offer advice on any household fire safety questions you may have.

The time change is coming up Sunday, November 1st – please remember to check your smoke detectors, and replace the batteries. It is also good time to review your Family Fire Escape Plan and overall Emergency Preparedness.

Open Burning Season starts on November 1st. Please visit our website for safe burning information.

2021 Recruiting Drive – Firefighters needed! We are taking applications for our 2021 Basic Training Class and invite all interested Penderites to visit our website at for more information.

Storm Season is now upon us and we would like to remind everyone about safety around downed power lines. We must always assume that the lines are live until BC Hydro has attended and made the area safe, so please stay back at least 10 metres, and report the situation via 911.

Ian Elliott

Fire Fighter

Pender Island Fire/Rescue

‘Fire Prevention Team’

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